What does the top list of male delusions about sex look like?

In a previous article, we examined women’s fallacies in the field of sex psychology, but not only the weaker sex is mistaken … Many men also live in captivity of stereotypes.

So, here it is – a list of the main men’s fallacies … 

1. “All of you, women, bitch” – a stereotype of men who had a hard time in life. So they see behind them either a wife who drank all the juices, or a parent who pretty much got bumps with women and passed on his sad experience to his offspring: “Be careful, son, you can’t be trusted!” Yes, women sometimes give reason to think of them that way. However, if you burn yourself in milk and constantly blow into the water, you risk dying of thirst. If you see a bitch in all women , there is a very high probability that you just can’t discern the one that is not a bitch at all: that is, a really kind, sweet and affectionate girl with whom you could comfortably build a family and calmly raise children.   

You can deal with this: make a list of those exceptions that are still not bitch. No, no, they exist: for example, your mother, grandmother, sister, colleague, daughter … See, heels are already there. But every man has such a list – which means that everything is not so hopeless! This exercise will allow us to open our eyes wider and reflect on the fact that we see only what we are ready to see, and by consciously narrowing our range of perception, we are robbing our own life.  

2. “Darling, God be with you: everyone who is not the first is our second.” The obsession of men with the “right of the first night” is clear: here the question is solved not so much about love, but about power and prestige.  

In fact, this is relevant only up to a certain age: yes, meeting a classmate, you somehow mean her girlhood, but if your partner is 25-30 years old , it would be strange to expect the same from her (moreover , this is already a clearly problematic situation: and in terms of her sexual development, and in terms of the ability to realistically build your relationship). People who met adults, of course , do not find each other on an uninhabited island, so it would be naive to count on “untouched”.       

The main thing is the trust of partners, and the man’s excessive suspicion is as destructive as the woman’s deceit in this matter. Moreover, if a woman is in fact virgin, but essentially depraved , then it doesn’t really matter if this contact is her first or she’s “bred” you: finding the truth here is less important than “making legs” in time.    

3. “If a woman imitates an orgasm , then she is deceiving ” By and large – this is so … But to understand what drives it is much more important in this situation than to discover the fact of pretense. They usually lie to those who are in danger of telling the truth. That is, a woman suspects that your relationship may not pass the test of strength: if she SO lies to you, she does this either out of fear to hurt your pride, or out of a desire to flatter you or unwillingness to upset, or out of fear not to please you (this is the most pessimistic in the sense of forecast option).   

An insignificant percentage of women lying out of a love of art or to maintain their reputation as an ideal lover. Therefore, an imitation of an orgasm is a reason to think about why she is afraid to trust you and what has not happened in your relationship, if a lie is preferable to honesty, which, although painful at first, still leads to clarification of the situation and can help build relationships correctly. Do not be afraid to speak frankly with her – because sometimes, once having lied out of “politeness”, a woman falls into the trap of her own deception. If you really love her, help her. Help, not convict!     

4. “Deception is still impossible to detect – is it worth it to bother, is it better to have fun yourself?”. In fact, to find out whether the partner is really good or her moans is just acting, any man can, with the exception of 3 cases: – he is simply inexperienced (which is not related to age: this can be a respectable man under 50); – he doesn’t care: he is not emotionally involved in relations with this partner; – he does not enter into relationships at all, since he is always busy only with MYSELF and his feelings. For such a man, only what he feels is important, and the satisfaction of the partner is her personal problems (regardless of whether she is his wife or just an occasional girlfriend).      

Yes, if the meeting is a one – time meeting , the desire to “just have fun” is understandable, but if you are looking forward to a long relationship with a woman , do not be too lazy to really build them.  

5. “A woman with a child is a second-hand.” The problem of primacy is relevant for men due to the fact that it somehow doesn’t smile to bring up children of others. However, men in pursuit of “first freshness” incorrectly prioritize: if they are looking for a girlfriend at times , then, of course, it is wiser to deal with a young girl with an “unburdened biography”, but if she is a life partner, then a mother is still preferable: she (with rare exceptions) is more reliable, responsible and tolerant.       

6. “Stolen is always sweeter.” The neighbor’s grass is greener, the pig is thicker, the wife is more beautiful – the old truth. Therefore, men often sometimes seek joy in other people’s beds, and it happens that even the fact of friendship or kinship with the husbands of the “victims” does not stop. And in vain! Even if you forget about the commandments and the boomerang effect, remember: the emphasis on the forbiddenness of the fetus is so exciting that it dulls the pleasure of sex as the process itself and makes it difficult to perceive the partner herself. So – it impoverishes the sensation. So – do not download on other people’s beds: it’s better to clean up your own until someone else has done it.    

7. “The real officer is shaved to blue and slightly drunk. The real man is slightly shaved and drunk to the blue. ” In fact, untidiness and drunkenness are equally unfavorable for sexual intercourse. 

Untidiness is the entrance gate for all kinds of infections (and it just scares off partners and makes a man a laughing stock). Well, the effect of alcohol, which has become a habit, has long been an aphorism: it is impossible to start without a glass and finish with a glass . Born to drink – cannot love.   

8. “He who dines with a woman dances her.” This Caucasian “wisdom” betrays that cynical attitude of a man toward a woman against which feminists are struggling with such energy and frenzy. In fact, sex is sweeter the more voluntarily. Sex by duty – both in marriage and outside it – is unattractive and has nothing to do with true pleasure.    

9. “I came up with myself, illuminated with a magic light and believed in this beauty …”. I would like to answer this with an old joke: “Men, do not marry the woman of your dreams – dreams so easily turn into nightmares!” It is preferable to live with eyes wide open in order to clearly understand who is who and not become a hostage to my own pseudo-ordering: “Now, as an honest person, I have to marry her” … Love, of course, is a fair eclipse, but entering into such serious relationships, like marriage, should be in a perfectly sound mind and a solid memory. So, at least – do not rush. Do not slow down – but do not rush.     

10. “Macho is cool!” In fact, macho is quite primitive: if the skills are at their best, but past the soul, if sex doesn’t imply feelings and romance from youth , it’s robbing ourselves …      

Sexual relationships are NOT ONLY quantity and technique. The underdevelopment of the sphere of feelings is the misfortune of our society, from which all romance is cast out with shame as “unmanly” (moreover, a soft and gentle man is sometimes suspected of almost homosexuality).    

But a strong one is not one who is “the coolest of all”, but one who is not afraid to be himself, who is so confident in himself that he can afford the luxury of being the way one wants, and not the way one is supposed to. After all, he who does not love and does not accept himself cannot love others either ..  

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