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Do you see erotic dreams? Try not to wake up longer …

“See obscene dreams? .. It’s indecent! Wake up immediately and roll over to the other side. “

Maybe it’s not so categorical in form, but it is necessarily that way in essence a strict order was given to the ladies in the “Code of Secular Beauty”, published in one of the St. Petersburg women’s magazines more than 150 years ago … 

As things were with recommendations for men, the story so inaudibly tells what can be considered – is silent. 

Modern specialists in a healthy lifestyle of a person categorically disagree with the statement of indecency: erotic dreams are useful and do not interfere with spiritual development. They do not corrupt a person.

The moral framework is determined by personal culture and human education. To see erotic dreams is possible and necessary. Now everyone knows that good sex brings tangible benefits to the human body. Sex in a dream is no less useful to both men and women. So sleep and enjoy as you can!

Naturally, women and men enjoy sex in different ways. “They can” in different ways and want different things. Curious about what women fantasize about? What is interesting in their erotic dreams? I managed to summon my girlfriends for frankness and with their permission I will tell about the female attitude to erotic dreams.

As if in one voice, they told me “in confidence” that sex in night visions only benefits them: they wake up rested and in high spirits. That in many cases there is no trace of stress after a pleasant night “pastime”. They wake up happy when they experience an orgasm in a dream.

Of course, there were cases of “incompleteness” of a nightly love story, and a feeling of dissatisfaction arose. But some managed to learn how to trigger an orgasm with fantasies and even control dreams. I listened to them with understanding, since this is not a curiosity to me either – I know how to evoke dreams, everything is fine with imagination. 

After listening to their stories about erotic dreams, plots of fantasies “for dreams” (oh! Women, women …), I tried what is more decent to retell in a dry and unpretentious male language:

Scene № 1. “She and the boss”

It is this alignment: first, She, and then the boss (and only with a small letter). She is beautiful, in a stunning outfit, exciting forms in breathtaking underwear, almost radiance comes from shoes , mascara and lipstick never wash off and spoil the skin of her face, a perfume made in France just for her, luxurious hair …  

He – already all saliva came out, looking at her. In the end, she graciously allows him only cunnilingus and rimming in his office (there was a corporate party in the office). She gets some revenge and pleasure, he asks for more and more …  

There are few purely sexually vindictive fantasies, mostly this: “He is a young newly-minted boss with high expectations, She is the only one he notices. After long days of courtship, she is surprised by the length of her sexual intercourse and her ingenuity in the ability to please a woman. ”  

Scene № 2. “She and the Stranger”

There are a lot of options for such a plot ! What some Strangers do not get up with my girlfriends … I even began to be jealous. “Stranger” acts: in a train, in a bus, in an airplane, in a park, in a movie, in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the dressing room, in the elevator, behind the tree, under the tree, on the tree … He himself is strong, muscular, rich, generous, tall or slightly above average height. He has “big and fat.”   

Scene № 3. “She and they”

“They” in total – a bunch of hands, languages ​​and “virtues”, Her – the same number of erogenous zones. All “they” are well aware of the location of the zones in advance or conduct “affectionate” searches for new ones. The Kama Sutra is no good for them.    

Scene № 4. “She and these”

“These” “do” this! .. Her breath-taking, her heart skips a beat and very hotly “there”. She herself would never have decided on such a thing, but it’s very interesting to look … Excited. 

Scene number 5. “She and the movie hero.”

“Ugh! Somehow she is faded and expressionless. What Do I matter! “… she and her favorite characters abruptly change the course of events of the film, and begins a new” movie “. Perhaps this is the beginning of this series.  

These are not all the fantasies and dreams of my girlfriends. Single girlfriends. That is why the apparent diversity. Moreover, for a long time they do not linger on the “one.” They are probably looking. 

They would rather have found something … Although there is not a single argument against erotic dreams, it is somehow disturbing for them.  

Unrealized female sexuality is a “terrible thing”. 

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