Who has sex?

This question interested me after the gay parade. Looking at how fascist youths, people in Cossack uniforms and church vestments, beat human rights activists who advocate for the rights of LGBT people (this abbreviation means Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender), I thought: why on earth are all asexual creatures flawed Cossack bearded old men, fanatical bespectacled egg-throwers in handkerchiefs, Orthodox carcasses crawling out of foreign cars, bald hitlerjugend – indicate to whom, with whom and where to have sex?  

We will not talk about random sex. Let’s talk about what is normal sex life. This is a sexual relationship with the person (s) with whom you want to be (if it’s so lucky that he (they) are not averse), turning into contacts of varying degrees of intimacy that you (they) prefer . By you, and not by Mr. Patriarch of All Russia or, God forbid, Mr. President or his high-breed and surprisingly prolific dog.    

What is humanity?

These are old people and children – who are either late, or early, or nothing, or no reason – due to physiological reasons.  

These are all kinds of disabled people and residents of hospitals (we will include characters with postoperative contraindications for sexual activity here) – the regularity and saturation we take in our account disappears. 

These are soldiers, sailors, prisoners (or future prisoners – illegal criminals of all sorts). We will not remember what sex same-sex people are in areas like the army-prison. 

These are students in dormitories – perhaps something is there, but this is not the sex we are talking about. 

These are pregnant women and women after childbirth.

These are religious fanatics, monks and other asexuals. For you to know, Orthodox extra-fast time for sex is 4 days a year. A blessing is required for sexual intercourse. Yes Yes. 

These migrants – millions of people living in terrible crowding, dirt and poverty – do not breed under such conditions.  

These are people of funny professions, sex for which is always accompanied by an extreme component – guides, forwarders, truckers and more. 

After all , these are crazy and scary freaks that no one wants. 

This is suffering from unrequited love.

Now let’s take heterosexuals living in a marriage. Well, everyone knows how this happens between couples of this kind. What exactly do the spouses do in bed if approximately 800 thousand unions are annually dissolved in the country ?   

It seems that only gays have sex in the full sense of the word. When they want, with whom they want and how they want.

So what happens? Why are Georgians, now banned DPNishnikov and theater priests so interested in the topic of sexual minorities? What are they buying for, besides – count, folk – money? Right guys. They are envious. It is enviable that someone is good.   

The state sterilizes society. Merins are easier to manage. They are calmer.

Here are some statistics: a Russian has sex 150 times a year, half of Russian and Ukrainian teenagers have sex, 50,000 Russian minor girls marry each year, and 100,000 Russian schoolgirls become mothers every year. Annually, approximately 800,000 marriages are dissolved in Russia, 400,000 minor children are left without a father or mother 

Look around: every tenth person in the subway car is homosexual. 4% of men are homosexual. About three years last 13% of homosexual relationships. A third of men enter homosexual relationships at least once in a lifetime. 4% of people are hermaphrodites (it turns out that there are twice as many hermaphrodites in the world as Russians – 300 million people). In all civilized countries, LGBT people are tolerant.      

After such statistics, you begin to doubt the reasonableness of state propaganda, right? 

event_note December 20, 2019

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