Is it necessary to experiment in bed?

Surely you often had to deal with statements like: “Monotony in bed leads to a quick cooling of feelings”, “A constant experiment is the only way not to turn making love into a burden on both sides”, “Kama Sutra” should become your reference book ” , etc. e. How fair are they? And is it worth deliberately avoiding your favorite and traditional postures in bed and arranging an endless sexual marathon of experiments and acrobatic performances?    

Of course, an experiment in bed is necessary. How else can you and your loved one understand each other? What kind of affection and poses you like, and what is absolutely unacceptable for you, it is difficult to find out without first trying. But experience is set in order to draw conclusions. For example, if you are used to confining yourself to a cup of coffee and yogurt in the mornings, then an attempt to eat a huge portion of fat rich pilaf will most likely end in disrepair. So it is in sex.  

Over time, each couple develops a favorite sexual repertoire, where the verified methods give them pleasure. A well-developed, tested in practice technique of intimate relationships often guarantees the enjoyment of intimacy, according to sexologists. As a rule, we cannot disagree with them. After all, if your lover prefers gentle and gentle whispering in your ear in bed, then you should not experiment with harsh and strong words like “Take me, scoundrel.” Such experiments, at best, will cause him a smile or slight bewilderment: “Who taught her this?”

Permanent novelty, too, in the end, can get bored. Are you really obliged, as a diligent student, to study intimate aids paragraph by paragraph, and then apply knowledge in practice? Agree, such sex resembles a boring service. You should not ask yourself some kind of program – you, with your beloved, run the risk of completely losing interest in the intimate side of your life. When thoughts are occupied exclusively with whether you straightened your back at the right angle, it is absolutely impossible to relax. You won’t get pleasure, but you can earn all kinds of complexes easily!  

Very often, for the purpose of educational program, you watch erotic films, where in intimate scenes the hero-lovers deftly cope with “this” in a narrow shower cabin or on a hard kitchen table. Carefully remember all of the above and repeat with your beloved these “exploits” in ordinary real life. And … disappointed! Unfortunately, experiments in the bathroom or in the pool are not so unearthly pleasures in life. This is where you start to wonder: “Maybe something is wrong with me?” But I hasten to reassure: everything is so with you. 

Yes, it is romantic, even unusual, but it feels rather weak. Why? This applies to various factors of each individual. In each situation, sensations are given in different ways. I will give one example. As for the kitchen table favorite by television heroes, after such a “field of love” there are bruises and scuffs …

So , it turns out that introducing diversity into intimate relationships is harmful? Of course not! Experiment in health, but only when you both desire it. Admit it, often you and your lover have a passionate desire to do something breathtaking. So do not deny yourself the pleasure! But it is better if your folly is a brilliant impromptu, rather than a planned action. That’s when the real celebration of love will take place!  

Well, tomorrow calm days will come again with their little joys. Is harmony with oneself, beloved, and with the whole world – is this not real happiness? I wish you all good luck, do not limit yourself to anything. Love and be loved!  

event_note March 13, 2020

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