Why are unequal marriages attractive? Physiological aspect

The Lord rewarded us with a feeling like sex drive, without which the human race would cease to exist long ago . The methods of sexual intimacy are the same for all peoples, but only in China they created a special philosophy from this, where important attention was paid to both men and women. The European scientist R. H. van Gulik wrote that it was from ancient times that China has developed a special attitude to love and sexual life, “which considered sexual intercourse to be part of order in nature” 

Situation 1

The Chinese philosophy of love paid much attention to the relationship between an elderly man and a young woman, and most ancient texts on the Tao of love especially recommend this type. Chinese wise men said: “If a person of advanced age communicates with a woman of the same age, and they can have a child, he (the child), as a rule, does not live to a very old age. But if an eighty-year-old man communicates with a young girl and they can have a child, then the child, as a rule, will live a long life. ” 

The attitude of Western society, in contrast to the eastern countries, to unequal marriages was ambiguous. Some condemned, others scoffed, others were indifferent, and only a small part was treated with understanding. Charlie Chaplin and Sona O`Neill, having married, aroused condemnation and ridicule. She is only seventeen, and he is fifty-four and divorced three times.

And only from the middle of the 20th century, the attitude towards such couples became more tolerant, but journalists here do not miss the opportunity to delve into their lives.

Why are peers often not happy and their marriage breaks up quickly? Yes, because an old man who does not make an impression knows how to satisfy a woman, but a beautiful and young one does not. 

The first one . A man aged reaches an erection more slowly during a love game. And a young woman who produces enough moisture is thanksgiving to him. He can easily enter his jade core without full filling, and following the Tao of love, he easily achieves a complete erection. Such a cautious, slow procedure seems to her charming and more preferable in comparison with a frighteningly sharp erection, sudden penetration and quick ejaculation of a young guy.

The second one . A young woman not only quickly and sufficiently produces the corresponding moisture, but also supports her for much longer. And it is beneficial for both of them. And also, if he achieves an erection more slowly, he finishes more slowly – and this is an important moment leading her to an aesthetic bliss that inexperienced young men cannot achieve. 

The third . A young woman has a natural smell of youth and freshness that excites an elderly man. He (the man) creates an atmosphere of peace and trust that only a few young people can.

Fourth . The young woman has much closer jade gates that pinch and excite an older and more experienced man.

Fifth . Older men usually control ejaculation more easily than younger men. The main problem for them is that he must get rid of the thought of the need for ejaculation every time he makes love. This may require some effort. If he understands this and succeeds, he will find that it is very easy to achieve twenty-minute intercourse with fairly little practice. The most important thing is that he will be able to make love much more often and longer. He will understand that his partner will also receive much more pleasure and he will receive freedom to reveal such pleasures as the special attributes of women, which is impossible in fleeting pleasures. He will be able to reveal her specific aroma, taste and, perhaps, more important things – the smell and taste of her saliva, moisture on her jade gate. 

You need to understand that any philosophy, including the Tao of love, is not a dogma. This teaching helps us to achieve a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman, makes us understand that man is a part of the cosmos and is always connected with it by invisible threads. Hundreds of thousands of peers live in a happy marriage, but among them there is a very large percentage of divorces. 

Good luck, find your soul mate, who does not have it, and who has it, great pleasure.

Situation 2

“A woman who needs a man is either merry, sad, sometimes mad, sometimes naive, brings sweet pain, sometimes bitter joy … A man with such a woman will be great! Her name … Why do you need her name – this is my Woman! ” 


Iskander Anat-oglu Ayupov.

The relationship between a young woman and an old man does not cause such gossip in society as the relationship between a young man and a woman in age. At the same time, the woman is accused of frivolity and even nymphomania, but sexual relations between them play a more significant role than in the previous situation.

As a rule, such a woman is single and often without children (in principle, children can be, but they are on the sidelines and are not a burden). And she realizes not only her burgeoning sexuality, but also the desire to assert herself, in particular, to be a mentor – or a mother. Moreover , with sufficient sexual experience, she is often afraid to be rejected by mature men, fearing that they will not understand her fantasies or consider them perversions, in particular oral sex: many men refuse to engage in them, believing that they are “humiliated.” Well, this can be left to account of their lack of intelligence or complexes. Although they deprive themselves and their partner of immense pleasure … And complexes of “humiliation” are not yet prevailing over the young partner and, moreover , not very experienced, everything that is called is new and hunting …   

A mature woman may have a more complete empathy and understanding of the sexual
difficulties of a young man than girlfriends of his age. If a young man is shy or indecisive, this can play an important role for his sexual well-being. Another point is that a woman aged, especially if she had children, often has less crowded jade gates, which is especially good for him, who has not developed full control over ejaculation. The smaller jade gates are not so suitable for an elderly man, as it does not provide him with sufficient stimulation.

There is a certain frequency of sexual activity. A young man at the age of 17–20 is most often hypersexual, and as they say, “he throws himself on everything in a skirt”. And the peers require long courtship, and they themselves have little experience in sexual relations and, in addition to additional problems, give nothing to the young man. And he draws attention to a woman older than herself, who has already entered the period of sexual prosperity (28−45 years), who craves active sex (which she does not give her peers tortured by the extraction of money). Moreover, such relationships are so harmonious from an intimate point of view that they are not so rarely develop into marriage.

These are the main points and everyone who reads literature on the relationship between men and women knows about them. But we must not forget that with age, the sexuality of men and women changes. A fifty-year-old partner can master a woman quickly, like a young man, and a girl may not need long preparation … Sexual experience is not connected with life. A sufficiently old man will provide all the intimate initiative to a young woman, and after that he will be dissatisfied that she did something not as he wanted … And yet the main plus of the union of different ages is that the partners suit each other not only sexually, but also psychologically. 

It is terrible that, due to fear of gossip of others, such relations are forced to be maintained secretly or stealthily. And if we were more understanding and considerate, we would see that such couples should be supported, not condemned. And we would come to a solution to the problem of many men and women in age.   

Love you, a long and happy marriage.

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