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Now you know: 7 rules for seducing girls in video chats

In the current realities, when personal meetings and face-to-face conversations are minimized, the demand for communication in video chats is increasing.

Advantages of video chats

Active users of video chats have identified a range of benefits, while beginners should try and find the main ones for themselves:

  • ease of use: a computer with a webcam or a smartphone is enough to start chatting;
  • a variety of programs: the ability to choose a convenient interface and use several programs;
  • no reference to place and time;
  • acquaintance and communication with an unlimited number of participants at the same time;
  • helps to overcome shyness and hone the skill of flirting.

Where to begin

Beginners should decide on priorities and goals – what are you looking for:

  • friendly communication and a grateful listener. Sometimes it is easier to share problems or emotional experiences with a stranger, or maybe you need neutral advice from the outside;
  • hassle-free connection. For this, there are sites with a special theme, so to speak, a “club of interests”, where demand justifies supply;
  • serious relationship. Finding a mate on the Internet is not easy, but possible. This method is suitable for those who cannot make a choice and, through parallel communication with several applicants, they will choose one, while in real life such a situation is condemned by society and spoils the reputation.

If the tasks are sorted out, go to the next step.

Communication by the rules, or how to keep the attention of the opposite sex

Someone’s chat is bursting with messages and missed calls, while someone is sad alone and after each acquaintance comes across an ignore. The point is some tricks that it is desirable not only to know, but also to constantly put into practice:

  • visual perception. Just as it is pleasant for you to watch a beautifully dressed and well-groomed partner, so the girls are impressed by the neat appearance of a man. Do not get in touch sleepy, shaggy, with untidy bristles. An old T-shirt and washed sweatpants should also be hidden in the closet, or even better, thrown away. Know the measure: a tuxedo and pomaded hair at 8 in the morning will look ridiculous, choose the style of clothing for the situation;
  • the background. Even a presentable appearance will not save if the interlocutor sees mountains of garbage, beer bottles or women’s clothing in the background . During communication, you will move around the apartment, so put things in order and show only favorable angles;
  • quality equipment. No one will be delighted at the other end of the connection if the sound disappears, the picture freezes, and the image is blurry and unnatural. Use a good camera to accurately convey emotions and real-time images;
  • impression from the first word. Learn to present yourself from the best side, find words that encourage you to continue dating. Rehearse several options and see which one is more tempting for the fair sex;
  • your speech must be correct. No, no one is talking about the speech of a parliamentarian or Dumas, but no one has canceled the rules of the Russian language. Do not use slang phrases, slang and deliberately distorted words – this can scare off a possible partner;
  • appropriate behaviour. At the stage of acquaintance, behave politely and correctly. Do not allow frivolous jokes, impudent tone and manifestations of irritation or aggression – you will immediately be added to the black list, because this is not what the girls expect from the initiator of the acquaintance;
  • naturalness. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. The camera very vividly conveys false emotions and lies. Omit unnecessary details, you can embellish a little, but in general, bring the story about yourself as close to the truth as possible.

Follow these simple tips, and dating girls will stop turning into an impossible quest and will give you self-confidence. Over time, you will develop your own personal approach to the female sex and learn how to use several techniques at the same time and figure out when and with whom to choose which line of behavior. Good luck online dating!

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