Pansexuals Among Us: Who Are They?

t is known that now there are many different sexual directions. But not everyone knows how multifaceted this area has become. And who the pansexuals are is hardly known to more than half of humanity. Despite our ignorance, their numbers are growing inexorably. This also applies to the star elite. 


If we take up the translation of the word, the prefix “pan” in Greek means “everything.” This direction means a complete denial of any gender differences and the search for a partner with whom the connection is established at a higher, emotional level, regardless of his type of sexuality. This orientation usually appears in people with undefined sexual preferences, transgender people. Celebrities  

Shailene Woodley – the actress from the movie “Divergent” is a prominent representative of pansexuals. According to her, she falls in love with a person, regardless of what gender this person belongs to. Another example is Josh Hutcherson of The Hunger Games, who said he is considered straight at the moment. But in the future, he can experience feelings for a worthy young man, if he meets one on his life path. By Pansexuality direction identify themselves and Miley Cyrus and Christina Hendricks, and Tom Gabel , and many other actors and celebrities.  



The difference between pansexuals and bisexuals 

Bisexuals are sexually attracted to men and women, while pansexuals can be attracted to anyone, any gender, and any sexual orientation. For example, it can be gay or transgender. 

Types of pansexuals 

• A gender fluid representative of a sex direction is a person with a constantly changing sexual orientation, possibly in a sexual search for himself. • An asexual spokesperson is someone for whom sex is not important, but communication, friendship, and close spiritual relationships are of great importance. Romanticism is not excluded, but without intimacy. • Polypansexual . Under polipanseksualnoy orientation refers to the ability to experience sexual attraction to several different genders, as well as at Pansexuality. However, there is a difference. Polysexuals are attracted to all people. For example, men or women whose gender identity coincides with the biological sex does not interest them. • Demipansexual . Such individuals do not experience sex attraction until a close emotional understanding develops. Our world is moving towards perfect freedom: freedom of choice, freedom of expression. And people strive to find themselves, to express their own individuality (including sexual) openly and without prejudice. Pansexuals are a prime example of a new level of relationship. Just won’t we be lost irrevocably, like Humanity, in this rapid and free modern flow, when we deviate from generally accepted norms and rules? 

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