Secrets of storing sex gadgets

I am a mother with many children. And children appeared much earlier than a box packed with toys. And not simple, but gold (crossed out) deeply intimate) More children – more and more diverse gadgets. Vibrators, vacuum vibration stimulators, anal plugs of all sizes and functions, vacuum pumps. Whatever the mother was having fun, as long as the eye did not twitch. Moreover, with age, pleasure has increased, the body has been studied up and down like a carpet on a wall in distant childhood. And our hearts demand variety. And not hearts.

In my case, the issue of storing the wealth accumulated over the years is understandable and not at all hidden. The eldest son knows that I am a sexologist and a sex tester and it is almost impossible to embarrass him. He will also ask how and where to stick it. And the girls don’t climb the wardrobes. And even with such a find, I can easily explain that adults also have toys, their own. Like little girls have dolls, boys have cars, and we have Jedi (even sometimes glowing) swords that do good)) and I won’t even blush.

And everything would be easy if it were not so difficult. A survey of acquaintances and walking on forums struck by the fear of being open in the desire to enjoy not only the beloved man, but also from modern nanotechnology.

Toys hide not only:

  • from children (which is logical)
  • but also from mothers (long live a separate living space !!!)
  • and here’s a surprise from their own husbands. Because of the partner’s jealousy and unwillingness to admit that the existing sex does not satisfy them. Another reason is the fear of appearing dirty (sinful, with low social responsibility).

And if the desire to protect parents and children from their intimate life is understandable, then the situation with husbands must be corrected. After all, a full sex life is impossible without a trusting relationship. And in the end, life is short to deny your fantasies).

These challenging discoveries led me to create a depressing list of places to hide toys. It was insanely funny to me. I think the participants in hide and seek are not very good ..

So, let’s begin. Sex gadgets (most often these are simple vibrators) are hidden in:

  • laundry drawer. Good location considering the hygiene and quick access.
  • in the safe. Well .. who what)) who has weapons, who has money, and who needs to lock a dildo under a combination lock. But in the event of a robbery, you can greatly surprise the robbers))
  • in a shoe drawer. It is desirable such that no one would think of trying on. Best of all, the most disgusting. With a photo on the box.
  • in a refrigerator. Here the logic ends and the surprise begins. Firstly, there is an unsuitable temperature regime. Secondly, in a normal family, the refrigerator is gaining from fifty views per evening. They don’t put them in the freezer, do they? I hope..
  • in the garage. That is, if you want to indulge, you will have to overcome a rather sick distance. I understand that it’s worth it, but still.
  • in the system unit. Here I take off my hat for fantasy. And by no means sexy. Question to the audience, do you have to disassemble the block every time in order to extract what you want? One of the participants in the “Funny Masturbators” forum put it right – while you get the toy out of the hiding place, you’ll get fucked up …
  • in the toilet cistern. And then I just felt sorry for the toy. She wanted to take her away from the soulless owner and hug her to her chest. But then an even sadder place awaited me.
  • taped under the bathroom. No comment. On this, perhaps, I will complete the list, so as not to injure the psyche of sexually conscious citizens. And move on to the positive.

Yes, of course, you can hide your favorite vibrating massager in your grandmother’s garden between cucumbers. But I prefer storage methods that are more pleasant for me and for toys. There are special cases for hygienic and convenient storage. For example, the Joyboxx storage system. The case is equipped with a lock to protect it from prying prying eyes; in addition to the main gadget, you can store many little things in it. Condoms, lubricants, small vibro bullets, etc. A superb option for families with curious children and equally curious parents. In addition to the protective function, the magic box will delight you with its laconic design. Take it boldly on a journey and your toys will not scatter all over your suitcase.

To store your favorites separately, use Fun Factory handbags. Laconic, not different from cosmetic bags, but sewn from a special material to which the pile does not stick. It is good to put it in a handbag, in the same laundry drawer or in the bathroom. Different sizes are offered to accommodate the entire range of your pleasure)

There are special bags for individual gadgets. Such as the case for the Revel Body SOL and Revel Body One. The cute design, the ventilated compartment and the compactness won me over personally. And a very nice price.
Don’t forget to put in your purse a couple of different water-based lubricants, toy spray and fun Luxe Maxima condoms. And you will never be bored))

And for those who hide sex gadgets from their husbands, I can advise you to start talking with your soulmates. And if it doesn’t help, come to me for a consultation. You will always have time to change your husband))

Take care of your toys and they will answer you with a long service and multiple orgasms.

event_note July 20, 2020

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