Tantric sex. Should I go to a seminar without a couple?

Many people call tantric practices the climax of sexual relations. It is worth mastering them and bliss will overwhelm with every sexual contact. And if you also study them together, the effect will be many times better. And I, believing in the description, went to the seminar. My experience was negative, the more I do not foot on such meetings.

Sexuality is very personal, it is not about intercourse, but about touching, understanding each other and feeling close to other people. And with someone you feel closeness, and someone pushes you away. And if suddenly a coach, partner in practice does not like something, nothing good will come of it. Tantric sex is a process of unity, and it is much more complicated than sexual intercourse. You need to really be close to a person in order to feel it fully. 


Who did I go to practice

I don’t want to name names, because it didn’t come to me, and other people “bathed in bliss”. Therefore, let’s keep the name of the master a secret. A friend suggested it to me, said that it helps me to tune in a new way, that after the seminar I will feel airy, inspired and very sensual. Then I can try tantric sex with a partner, and this will be the height of perfection.

I have never felt very feminine. I have always worked hard, took on a variety of responsibilities. And as a result, the inner feeling was more often – “a man in a skirt”, and not like an “airy girl”. And the Vedas all call to reveal their femininity, so that the blessings of the world flow to your feet without much effort.

Tantra is a simple way to know your feminine essence, to release it out … ..In general, enough theory. I paid for participation, I prepared a sports uniform.

The essence of the lesson

A company of 25 people came to the meeting. There were three men, one of them was the presenter. Apparently, the stronger sex is not too eager for new spiritual sensations. All practices had to be held in pairs, and it was important to find a partner with whom you do not communicate in real life.

I turned out to be opposite a person with a normal appearance. A woman of about 50 looked at me affably. And everything would be fine if I liked her. But something didn’t work out. I looked at her and saw in her eyes that she was in pain. What really happened in her life, I did not specify. But there are people with sad eyes whose life is like a horror movie. And those eyes looked at me.

The first practice is breathing synchronization . You need to put your hand on your partner’s chest and start breathing in the same rhythm. All this is accompanied by smooth music. The result should be a kind of trance, in which you then need to learn to feel each other. 

Horror from what is happening

Then we were offered to “unite the space”, to see the partner, his essence. It was necessary to plunge into each other … not literally, but energetically … In general, I began to imagine all this. And what do you think I imagined this tortured creature opposite? I looked at her and saw a shabby fox. As if her whole life had not been fed, beaten. A downtrodden animal that does not know where to go.

So, I don’t know what she saw in me. But the last thing I wanted to unite with this strange creature was. And to dive into her feelings and even more so. The images that appeared made me twitch. Desires to touch became less and less….

I ran away

Tantra is hugs, touches, light massage. At first, not erotic, but tuning. So you can do this only with “your” person. Trust, understanding and “one wave” are important. Practicing with strangers is torture, not pleasure.

I ran away because I had to wait some time before changing partners. And the likelihood that another unknown woman would be pleasant to me was small.

How did you run away? I fainted. More precisely, I just fell from a sitting position …. I pretended that I was very stuffy. Water was immediately brought to me, the practice was stopped. And I, under the pretext of a dizzy head, quickly took off my feet.

Do I need to learn Tantra?

I am not a specialist, and I have only one experience. I still like theory, but it didn’t work out with practice. Now I know that if you go to study, then with your partner with whom you really want to open up. Maybe a video course would be more useful for a couple than such a space of “hugs” where it can turn from a partner.

Before this trip, I thought maybe I could go for a yoni massage? Now I know for sure that I do not want someone else’s hands touching me.

event_note July 17, 2020

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