What if the wife left? Part 2

What do we men do when the wife leaves or has already left? The first to come to mind are the most controversial options for action. Is it possible to implement them?   

•  Throw a scandal.

But how dare you, the bitch, leave me, your Superman? Know your place! Who have you got there? Vasya from the club of cutting and sewing? Well that’s it, tryndets Vasya!

Strange as it may seem, an active masculine stance on not letting go of a wife can help to keep her. It is important not to go too far: a man always starts to get better as soon as he realizes that his wife is leaving. And if at the same time he suddenly became a new man, transformed – the wife can appreciate it. If he is wildly jealous, tries to clutch at her, humiliates him – his wife may remain out of fear, but obviously this will not be appreciated. And in the future, revenge – purely feminine. Even defenseless gray mice can spoil the life of their cat so that little seems.    

•  Fill on the floor and how to fuck.

Yes, it is to fuck, not to make love! This is also a variant of the manifestation of masculinity – and, it turns out, the wife did not have enough of this. Sex is a way of temporary reconciliation and a good fuel for the illusion that everything will be formed. In this you can live, swim. To experiment. But power without respect will turn into obsession, in an attempt to force a woman to do something against her will.  

•  Fill your wife with flowers, gifts, money … with the thought “I’m doing everything for you!”

Do you really love her or are you just afraid to lose her? Do you give her gifts from a tender relationship or with the goal of “buying” her attention and gratitude?
A man has the opportunity to take a step in understanding: I no longer love her, but I want her to be around. Otherwise, I’ll lose much in pride, I’ll be sad for the past, and in general, who will cook my dinner and meet from work? ..
Personal life is not a business contract. The wife left because she does not believe in the sincerity of your good intentions. And the cunning wife will also receive presents from you, comforting with hopes of return. 

•  Start feeling sorry for yourself.

Where without it, mm? To regret – and project guilt with resentment. Go into binge, blame the entire female sex for … and the bastard Vasya in self-interest, look at yourself in the mirror and find a bunch of flaws, look into your wallet and make sure that the man did not take place. A superb option, but dangerous if it does not motivate anything. Go to the psychologist – you want to change! Look in the mirror again – 15 minutes for nagging, and then it’s time to directly face your inferiority complex. And start, finally, become a hero.  

And now I will list the most unreasonable options for men in the case of the departure of their wives.

•  Blackmail and manipulation of children, if any.

This reduces the man to the level of a scoundrel. Yes, a wounded ego screams and craves revenge. Yes, she’s a bitch. Yes, karmic connection (I did not say that). But you yourself understand: the temptation to revenge is worked out in forgiveness. For this she left.

•  Litigation and property cuts.

If you have a marriage contract – then there is no problem, you have decided everything in advance, showing foresight. But if a man begins to humiliate his ex-wife and wants to leave her without housing or livelihood, then what kind of man is he? He is a woman!    

•  Keep your wife forcibly.

This was higher. I will add that the strength of a man is proved by his ability to respect the choice of other people, especially women, especially his wife. True power is always capable of giving in, allowing, letting go. Any wise ruler can not only punish, but also have mercy. A man is a king, not a tyrant.  

So what does the stronger sex do in the end? 

Understand a simple thing: any relationship can end sooner or later . Parting happens – and this is not the end of all life.  

Understand the second simple thing: a woman is a free bird . And another woman is a man with whom you can always agree . And you need to negotiate “on the garlic.” You can consult a specialist psychologist. This is not a shame. In general, being weak for a man is not a shame, a shame to excuse oneself with his weakness and give up strength (see the first part of this article).    

Understanding the third difficult thing: responsibility . The wife left due to the fact that the husband did not pull the adult relationship. This happens even when the husband earns and provides for his family. He decided that responsibility is only in this – but not only. Also in honesty and trust.  

Well, and sex , of course. A woman is a female who wants, as if society would not impose on her the role of a machine for the production of children and a food processor. A man also wants to. “By garlic” this issue is difficult to solve: sex on the side is an article of the intra-family Criminal Code. Well, nowhere to go. Is that the club to the swingers.      

In short, men. If the wife left – do not worry so. Relive differently and look for someone better and sexier. On this fig you capricious princess – the world is full of queens who will appreciate you. In every sense of the word.

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